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Short Sales

Need a dependable resource to negotiate your Short Sales. You have arrived at the right place. Our Short Sale processing team has a 90%+ success and closing rate. NO CHARGE to you unless your Short Sale closes. Put our skills and systems to work for you today. We will take your Short Sale from contract to close for only 1%.

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Transaction Coordination

Looking for a way to get your paperwork under control or ramp up your business? We are what you have been searching for. We offer turnkey Transaction Coordination for both Buyers and Sellers. Use our FREE app and our TOUCH processing system to keep up-to-date and let our processors do all the rest! NO CHARGE unless your transaction closes! We give you your TIME back starting at $299 per file.

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Our Vision

Unlocking your time to enhance lives!


Let our superhero transaction coordination and short sale team help you with your paperwork

We Help You Grow Your Business!

We keep you on task to save time

We Help You Close More of Your Files!

Tracking deadlines for accuracy, that's OUR promise.

We Help You Make Money

Spend less time on paperwork and more time with buyers and sellers.

We Help You Impress Your Clients

We specialize in making you look like the professional you are.

We Negotiate Short Sales for Only 1%!

Let us do the heavy lifting! We have a 90% success rate.





Like you, Brad LOVES Real Estate! As the Founder of My Coordinator he takes great pride in giving Real Estate Professionals back their time! This lost time is usually time spent managing your paperwork or sitting on the phone with Banks for Short Sales. He has been a Licensed Real Estate Agent since 1998 and has a great appreciation for those in the Real Estate profession! When starting My Coordinator he asked myself the same question you are probably asking yourself right now, "How can I get more time!" and that was how My Coordinator was born. Brad enjoys the outdoors, being a father to 3 great kids and volunteering in his community.


p: 801-636-3637
o: 1-844-MY-TOUCH
f: 801-336-4262



Anje has been a licensed REALTOR since 2000 and has worked every aspect of the business. She has specialized training as a CDPE. This has opened the door for her to coordinate transactions for many other agents and help keep them organized. Anje is passionate about My Coordinator. She applies her honesty, experience, and leadership skills to her General Manager position. Anje is a great coach and mentor while keeping the day to day functions of the office up and running. Anje maintains successful client relationships, provides excellent service to her agents, and exceptional management insights to the employees at My Coordinator. In Anje's free time she enjoys the outdoors, camping and four wheeling with her family.


p: 385-240-3002
o: 1-844-MY-TOUCH
f: 801-336-4262



Tanen Bodell understands what Agents need to accomplish their ultimate goal. With over a decade of expert experience in the real estate industry and successful sales expertise he has a remarkable track record that follows him wherever he goes. Have you ever wondered how you could be more effective with your time? We all have, and Tanen's views on how to accomplish this are influenced by his experience from working in many industries ranging from capital funding companies to the world of real estate. He will help you understand how to incorporate the technology we offer coupled with the professional services we provide while saving you time, stress and most importantly money. He has been trained by some of the brightest minds in the sales and real estate industries. He firmly understands what is going to make you successful and that you need the most reliable vendors behind you bolstering your business, making you stronger, faster and more effective in this ever growing and competitive market. As a leader in his field, he is ready for your inquiries and welcomes any upcoming conversations.


p: 954-715-1320
o: 1-844-MY-TOUCH
f: 801-336-4262



Kylie uses her integrity, energy, hard work and quality service in every detail of your real estate transaction. Kylie gets you from contract to close by combining her listening and communication skills, attention to detail, and transaction coordination experience. Client and agent trust and professional performance are what Kylie strives for in this relationship-based business. Whether it is a sale or purchase she is known for providing you and your clients an unsurpassed positive transaction. Kylie and her loved ones enjoy life in Salt Lake City, UT where she pursues her passions for crafting, cooking, hiking, and dancing.


p: 301-304-8111
o: 1-844-MY-TOUCH
f: 801-336-4262



Karly's love for real estate began in 2010 while working for a large brokerage in Washington State. She is organized and provides prompt, courteous customer service. Her exceptional customer service skills and commitment to perfection have made her stand out. Not only is Karly a fast learner and hard worker, she is known for her ability to remain calm and collective during busy times. As a transaction coordinator, Karly oversees transactions from beginning to end. Working with both the sellers and buyers, she ensures confidentiality and compliance throughout each process. When Karly is not in the office she enjoys spending her time with her husband and dog.


p: 385-240-3004
o: 1-844-MY-TOUCH
f: 801-336-4262



Angi is a highly driven and motivated transaction coordinator. With over seven years of experience; her career started in 2008 when she received her license and first developed a love for the industry, and a true understanding of the real estate world. Her exceptional customer service skills and commitment to perfection has made her stand out and ensure the smooth and efficient coordination of the steps necessary of the sale. Her experience gives her the understanding and perspective of what agents really need to serve their buyers and sellers. Her experience working alongside of clients, dealing with high level transactions, and handling a myriad of organizational details makes her exceptional at her job! In her spare time, Angi enjoys her two daughters and spending time with family and friends.


p: 385-205-5408
o: 1-844-MY-TOUCH
f: 801-336-4262



Thora has had her Utah Real Estate license since 2004. She enjoys working with first time home buyers and being a part of that life changing experience. Not only has Thora been a licensed real estate agent but she has also negotiated short sales for 4+ years. She aims for the highest level of customer service for her agents and their clients with each transaction she manages. She is known for going the extra mile to ensure her short sales and transactions are handled with integrity and professionalism. When Thora is not busy working, she loves spending time with her 3 children and 1 grandbaby going boating and hiking.


p: 801-850-5629
o: 1-844-MY-TOUCH
f: 801-336-4262



Elizabeth has been passionate about Real Estate since 2005. She has experience in real estate investments, transaction coordination, loan modifications and loan processing. Elizabeth's primary goal is to work with honesty and integrity and she's confident in her a ability to represent anyone's best interest. Elizabeth is a highly driven and motivated bilingual transaction coordinator who goes the extra mile throughout the real estate transaction to make sure it goes smooth. Her communication skills, dedication, commitment and positive attitude is something you can count on at all times. When Elizabeth is not at work she enjoys spending time with her daughters and husband and doing service in her community.


p: 385-240-3005
o: 1-844-MY-TOUCH
f: 801-336-4262



Cary has loved real estate since she became a Realtor in 1993. She has been a broker in Indiana, and has also sold real estate in Utah and Mexico. Cary loves thinking outside the box and if you have a hard transaction to work on, that is her favorite! Cary loves people and making connections with them. The best part of real estate is facilitating people's dreams! She works hard to understand the individuals behind the transaction including Realtor’s, buyers, or sellers and their needs. Every transaction is different and attention to the details is a challenge Cary loves. She tries to personalize each experience. From the beginning of the transaction, through the close, you can count on her to make each transaction a positive one. When she is not providing exceptional service to clients, Cary loves spending time with her husband, 8 kids, 10 grandkids, and her dog.


p: 954-715-1313
o: 1-844-MY-TOUCH
f: 801-336-4262



Spencer has been invested in Real Estate since 2012 and has years of customer service and management experience. He has knowledge in real estate investments, home renovation, and transaction coordination. He has a strong desire and passion for assisting his clients and making sure they feel confident in all that he does. Spencer is detail oriented, organized, and is known for having a very upbeat, positive attitude, even during hectic times. This same positive attitude is applied to every one of his transactions. Spencer will stop at nothing to ensure your needs and best interests are well taken care of. When Spencer isn't slaying tasks in the office, he enjoys spending time with his family, camping, and working out.


p: 832-210-3580
o: 1-844-MY-TOUCH
f: 801-336-4262



Stephanie is a person who loves to lead. It’s in her nature to help those around her succeed at the highest level possible. Whether it be at work, at home, or with her friends, she uplifts those around her. As a self starter she pushes herself to excel above the competition to show clients shes trustworthy, dependable, and personable above all. She understands the importance of relationships and strives her hardest to bring that to her career, with her attention to detail and effectiveness, Stephanie never fails those depending on her. In her off time she enjoys serving in her community and spending time with her husband.


p: 301-679-5088
o: 1-844-MY-TOUCH
f: 801-336-4262



Amber started her real estate career there 14 years ago working as an assistant and office manager for top producing agents as well as spending time working for several large brokerages managing their offices. After spending over 12 years in sunny Southern Utah she relocated to Northern Utah to be closer to family. Amber is confident, positive and enjoys interacting with people. She enjoys the fast pace of Real Estate and works hard to get the job done no matter what it takes. She is dedicated to the top notch communication and customer service that agents and clients need to make each transaction go smoothly. Amber is a mom to 2 daughters and 1 son and enjoys spending time with them hiking, biking and camping in the beautiful Utah outdoors.


p: 505-431-5157
o: 1-844-MY-TOUCH
f: 801-336-4262



Vanessa's organization and customer service skills make her outstanding in transaction coordinating. She is a fast learner and has enjoyed learning every step of the way. She can handle stress and keep calm during any difficult times. Vanessa strives to keep her agents happy with her confidentiality and thoroughness. Outside of the office Vanessa enjoys a walk in the park with her husband and son, mostly spring time! And loves going sledding during the winter. She always keeps a smile on her face and is happy to help anyone.


o: 1-844-MY-TOUCH
f: 801-336-4262



Josh is very motivated and passionate about helping people succeed. He has an ability to relate to anyone. He has been in the sales and customer service industry for over 6 years. Josh is very detail oriented and will ensure that you get the best experience possible. Building a business can be very time consuming and when you add the stress of the back end work that realtors go through it can make it very difficult. Josh has a passion for what we have to offer.


p: 512-256-4988
o: 1-844-MY-TOUCH
f: 801-336-4262



Tara has achieved many shills in her career. She thoroughly enjoys the Sales, Customer Service and building relationships the most. She love's working with all the people she has had the opportunity to meet locally and across the country. She's very excited to bring the time saving systems and support of My Coordinator to more people and make their lives a little better at the same time. Her three children and her little dog are the loves of her life. She also enjoy's time outdoors fishing, camping, shooting, reading and going on drives in the mountains.


p: 804-212-2045
o: 1-844-MY-TOUCH
f: 801-336-4262



Rusty is a very energetic and outgoing person. Having 10 + years in sales, he has learned what it takes to get the job done and to make the customer happy. Rusty's education and background has led him to pursue a career in the real estate market. He has a strong belief of building relationships and a business on trust, he has achieved success and earned a number of awards and recognitions due to this belief system. Rusty is eager to help show you how you can become more successful and build your business by working smarter and utilizing your time more effectively. Rusty enjoys spending time with his wife and new baby boy.


p: 240-284-6996
o: 1-844-MY-TOUCH
f: 801-336-4262



Stewart's primary goal is to empower real estate agents to reach their fullest potential by providing services that save enormous amounts of time and stress. Stewart understands the needs and expectations of agents and works very hard to attend to those needs. He has a passion for real estate and is eager to learn more about the industry every day. Agent success is a top priority for Stewart and he has a track record of helping agents succeed all around the country. In his spare time, Stewart enjoys to go camping, skydiving, and ride his motorcycle.


p: 248-507-4990
o: 1-844-MY-TOUCH
f: 801-336-4262


Our Mission

Revolutionizing the Real Estate industry through personal communication and innovative systems while adding value to our clients.


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